Kizomba & Bachata Festival


Vishu & Shannell

Welcome the newest Bachata couple in Melbourne’s Dance scene – Vishu & Shannell.
Vishu is a versatile dancer who comes from a Bollywood dance background and has recently gotten his hands on the PRO Jack and Jill title of Bailando’s Sensual Festival 2022.
Shannell has been dancing her entire life, competing, performing and teaching various dance styles like Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary.
Their passion and love for Bachata brought them together to train and develop their own style derived from knowledge, technique and energy from previous dance experiences.
As a partnership, they truly believe that commitment, consistency, and repetition are key ingredients to excel and progress as a dancer.
Together, Vish and Shannell bring a fun, energetic and engaging style of Bachata to their classes, workshops and performances. Their philosophy is “Dance in a way to Inspire others”
Their goal is to share their learning, passion and love for Bachata and contribute to the growth of the Latin Dance community in Australia.
Dont miss out on the opportunity to learn from these two pocket-rockets and also, don’t forget to grab them for a dance!!

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.