Kizomba & Bachata Festival


David Shahar Hashai & Teri Hashai

Dancing brought David and Teri together. Since meeting on the social dance floor they have established their boutique dance school in 2015, Momenta rhythms for life. While they enjoy performing and competing, their real love lies in social dancing. So make sure you grab them for a dance!
Born and raised in Israel, David has been dancing since the age of 6 with dance experience ranging from Folk dance and Ballet to Salsa and Bachata, he is known for his unique style, David is passionate about developing confident leaders on the social dance floor.
Dancing since the age of 4, Teri’s experience includes performing,competing and teaching Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton,Zouk,and of course Bachata. Renowned on the social dance floor for her exceptional following, Teri desires to bring the art of following back to the social dance floor.